Escape game The Tallest Tower

Company: EXIT Canada


304-1801 Princeton-Kamloops Hwy Kamloops, BC V2E 2J7 ()


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“Mirror Mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all? Declare it me or fear my vengeance,

In the mirror realm you’ll pay your penance.”

Long ago there was a mighty Sorceress who ruled over all the lands. She was obsessed with her reflection in mirrors and her own beauty. She became so obsessed that she locked herself inside the tallest tower of her castle. There she practiced dark magics and over time, lost her mind to them. Eventually her psyche cracked and all the magic she controlled exploded, engulfing the tower in a powerful curse, banishing her and the tower to the mirror realm.

Over time the curse grew larger, spreading through the castle and into the surrounding village. People live paralyzed, unable to trade or communicate with the outside world, constantly flickering between the Mirror realm and our realm.

Rumour says that if one can journey into the mirror realm and find the Sorceress’s hand mirror, the origin of all her magic, you could break the curse once and for all.

Having had enough of the terror, you and your band of champions decide to take on the perilous quest. You’ve forged through the castle, the curse getting stronger all the while. Finally, you and your companions have made it to the locked tower. The curse is draining your energy and you know you don’t have much longer. You must venture deep into the mirror realm, find the Magic Mirror, and save your people once and for all.

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