Escape game Pirate Cove

Company: EXIT Canada

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5.0 / 5

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2453 Hwy 97 N Kelowna, BC V1X 4J2 ()


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You and your band of pirates have travelled far and wide over the seas. You’ve pillaged and plundered your way to infamy. After years of the same adventures, you’ve gotten bored.

That is, until you hear the rumor of a long lost pirate shipwreck.

The rumor speaks of untold wealth and riches belonging to the infamous Pirate King who went missing many years ago. He’s a legend and your crew jumps at the opportunity to claim his legacy as your own.

After tracking down the rumored location, you’ve just landed on the beach and looming ahead of you is the wreckage of the Pirate Kings ship. Do you have what it takes to claim the Pirate King’s treasure for yourself?

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