Escape game The Undersea Overthrow

Company: Improbable Escapes


303 Bagot St Kingston, ON K7L 5J9 ()


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A myth! A legend! The lost city of Atlantis was always thought to be nothing more than a story, until now…

After years of research, you and your archaeological dive team finished work on a submarine built to recover relics from history’s greatest civilization. But just when the launch date had almost arrived, your boss fired you and the entire crew! Now he’s planning to take the artifacts for himself and sell them to the highest bidder.

These priceless treasures belong in a museum, not in the hands of a greedy private collector! The ruins of Atlantis still lie undisturbed at the bottom of the ocean. Are you bold enough to steal the submarine, navigate to the lost city, and retrieve the relics yourself?


After your group size exceeds 7 players, the format of the game is changed into “competition mode”. In this mode, the group is split in half, and both halves are in the game competing at the same time.

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