Escape game The Professor's Quarters

Company: Breakout Escapes


114 Main St Cambridge, ON N1R 1V7 ()


Downtown Galt beside Giant Tiger

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Benedict Pettywood, your English Professor, is rumoured to have spent over 60 years teaching at the Augustus Institute for Higher Learning. He’s a wise and tough teacher.

Recently, while in the Library, you come across a yearbook from decades ago. You find Professor Pettywood’s photo and quickly realize he looked the same then as he does now — it’s like he hasn’t aged! You start to pull nearly every year book from the year the Institute opened, and he is in every single professor roster since the day the school opened in 1877.

This week, Professor Pettywood is away at a conference, so you decide to sneak into his Quarters and see what he’s hiding. His secretary will be returning from her break soon, so you must uncover his secret before she returns and finds you snooping around; which is grounds for expulsion!


2 - 8 players regular game play
9 -16 players tournament style

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