Escape game Hill Hospital

Company: VR Escapism


7500 Woodbine Ave #108 Markham, ON L3R 1A8 ()


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No one remembered when Hill Hospital was founded. It was named after its founder, Vincent Hill. Hill Hospital is famous in Europe and benefits from a tree in the hospital. If the branches are broken, a reddish liquid will leak out from the branch, similar to human blood. If this liquid is injected into the human body, it can cure all diseases. Some people say that this tree is the guardianship given by God to mankind. Others say that this tree is the embodiment of the devil. This treatment must stop, otherwise there will be devil to pay. Vincent Hill insists that it is human luck to meet the god tree that can cure all diseases, so this therapy has been going on for decades. In these decades, the people whom believe him came from all over the world for treatment; the ones who do not believe, spread the madness of Doctor Hill. Until one day, the hospital was closed, no one had ever seen Vincent Hill, and the patients who came to treat the disease never came out of the hospital again…

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