Escape game Spacecraft Horizon

Company: A/Maze Montreal


4767 Rue Dagenais #201B Montréal, QC H4C 1L8 ()


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The year is 2258. Humanity has been travelling the galaxy, discovering the universe. Your crew is enjoying a nice meal on a minor planet when you receive a distress call.

The message is by Captain Velocity from the Horizon. It’s all distorted, and it does not make much sense. “Help… Horizon… Alien… Broken… Pirates… Please…” You hurry back aboard your vessel, find the coordinates of the Horizon and are on your way. When you find the ship, you can tell something terrible went down. Half the machinery has been ripped off. The lights seem to be broken and the security doors do not respond.

You enter the Horizon and everything is quiet. Too quiet. Will you be able to find out what happened and save anyone that is still alive?

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