Escape game Revenge of the Mummy

Company: Mystery Room

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4.5 / 5

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1140 Sheppard Ave. W., Unit 18, Toronto ()

(416) 398-2020

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The second of our two challenge zone, Revenge of the Mummy is ideal for the more experienced room escape gamers. Start by splitting into two separate groups, and work together to meet in the middle! In Ancient Egypt, there once lived a pharaoh who caught his beautiful wife having an affair with his most trusted advisor, Ran. Furious, he immediately sentenced Ran to death – but allowed his body to be mummified. Ran, unknown to the world, was a specialist at ancient witchcraft so before he died, he placed a curse on his mummified body to awaken one thousand years later and seek revenge on Egypt and the world. Hidden in his tomb are treasures that can only be accessed by activating the curse – can Alex stop all treasure hunters before they release Ran’s spirit to the living world again?