Escape game Candy Coaster

Company: EXIT Canada

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

2 reviews


309 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC ()

(778) 379-4730

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Journey through a land made of sweets at EXIT West Broadway’s newest 3D ride attraction, Candy Coaster. Upon entering the Willy Wonka-inspired landscape full of oversize candies, your team must board the Candy Coaster Car. However, before the ride even begins, the car breaks down forcing you all to work together and quickly figure out how to escape.


Candy Coaster is designed for players of all ages and is especially perfect for those who are new to escape rooms. The theme is highly interactive; its visually entrancing puzzles and hands-on activities call on you to follow your instincts to help you succeed. The Candy Coaster Car can accommodate 2-6 riders at one time. 3D glasses are optional.

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