Escape game Transylvania - Vampire Hunters

Company: EXIT

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

4 reviews


309 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC ()

(778) 379-4730

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Deep in the Transylvanian forest, isolated from civilization, is the home foulest of all creatures. In these woods live werewolves, trolls, goblins and more. Hidden within the mountains is the lair to the most sinister of them all, Count Dracula. Already a threat, Dracula has become invincible using the powers of a magical gem. Neither sunlight, a stake to the heart, nor decapitation can defeat the Count now.

The gem now resides within the castle walls. Sitting on a precipice, there is only one way out of the infamous vampire’s castle. You and your team have bravely volunteered to take on this impossible task. Steal the gem, defeat Dracula, and escape out of the palace alive.

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