Escape game Nightmare on the 49th

Company: EXIT Canada


289 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2K7 ()


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Rumors have been circling around the new pie bakery on the corner of 49th street. Run by an odd couple, rumors are circulating about the origins of their unique tasting meat pies. Out of curiosity, you and your acquaintances fancy some pies and head down to the shop.

You’re greeted with a strange smell and a display counter full of mouth watering pies. An eccentric lady behind the counter puts down a fresh tray of pies and welcomes you. The sharpening of knives rings out clearly from the kitchen. You order your pies, sit down to eat them, and as you all take your last bite the room goes dark.

Your group wakes up in a dark and filthy basement filled with the same strange smell as earlier. Newspaper clippings of missing persons line the walls. Find a way to escape the Nightmare on 49th in this savory escape experience!

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