Escape game Ringmaster: Cursed Curtain Call

Company: EXIT Canada


289 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2K7 ()


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As a young, highly successful ringmaster, Ben Chase seemingly brought the circus to the whole world. Year after year the crowds grew larger. People were mesmerized by his charming persona.
Living on the road, it took many long years for news of his parents death to reach him. This sent Ben Chase: Ringmaster extraordinaire, spiraling into seclusion. The famous ringmaster hid amongst the shadows and collapsing shell of his childhood home, a husk of the man he once was. His legacy quickly passed into legend.

Recently, you and some school friends were doing research at the local library and found some articles talking about the vanished ringmaster. His childhood home was listed as abandoned, it’s remains still standing just outside of town. Alone in an open field, the worn and weathered structure obviously struggled to remain standing. Everything looked ancient besides a neon sign out front that blinked reading: “Circus Open”. Gripped by curiosity, you all decide to venture on in.

Can your team uncover the fate of Ben Chase, former ringmaster extraordinaire?

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