Escape game Cabaret Voltaire

Company: A/Maze


206 11 Ave SE Calgary, AB T2G 0X8 ()


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Founded as a sophisticated rejection of wealth, war, and the culture of its age, The Cabaret Voltaire was opened in the back of the once empty Gottfried’s bar. Quickly after opening, it became the most popular spot in all of Zürich. The very people who partook in the much-maligned culture started to arrive in droves.

And this drove its creators absolutely mad.

To dissuade the unwanted visitors, the Cabaret’s acts shifted to the extreme, with some famously featuring nothing but performers mocking their audience or spastically flailing with little to no intention of entertaining. But no matter how extreme or insulting these acts got, visitors would not be deterred. To combat this, the Cabaret’s creators eventually shut it down, building a brick wall to keep people out.

Your friend Hans, a bartender at Gottfried’s, has uncovered a dastardly plot orchestrated by the Cabaret Voltaire’s creators—in an act of defiance, they have managed to steal famous pieces of Art from all around Europe, and plan to destroy them at the strike of midnight. You find yourself inside only to realise that you have been trapped by the creators. You have one hour to escape or become a permanent fixture on the walls of the Cabaret.