Escape game Haunted Hall

Company: EXIT Canada


60-880 16 Ave SW Calgary, AB T2R 1J9 ()


Mount Royal Village

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The disappearance of Madame Espera several months ago shocked the psychic world; the police investigation turned up nothing, and her house has sat dark and empty ever since… Until a few weeks ago, when a light flickered on in the front room, and a neighbour reported strange sounds coming from inside. A team of paranormal investigators went in to examine the house, but never came back out, and the reports of abnormal occurences inside are increasing. As expert exorcists, you’ve arrived at Madame Espera’s to find out what happened to the previous investigators, look for signs of Madame Espera, and deal with any ghostly activity you find inside. As you approach the front door, you feel a pricking in your thumbs…

Something wicked this way comes.

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