Escape game Pharaoh's Labyrinth

Company: EXIT Canada

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5.0 / 5

3 reviews


60-880 16 Ave SW Calgary, AB T2R 1J9 ()


Mount Royal Village

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On a trip to Cairo, Egypt, you and your party find yourselves in a market, looking for a cool souvenir to take back home. An old man offers you an authentic Pharaoh’s Ankh Staff fragment, which outshines the other attractions at the market by far, so you pick it up.

But soon after, your luck sours; You can’t get a taxi back to your hotel, so you have to walk. Your hotel room floods, destroying all of your luggage, and at every chance, you stub your toe. This string of bad luck proves to be a curse when you sleep, dreams haunted by a tomb deep in the desert, where the remaining pieces of the staff call out for their lost fragment.

Fearing the worst, you head to the tomb, but soon after entering the Pharaoh’s Labyrinth, you become split up from half of your party, hopelessly lost. Can you coordinate with your separated friends through the walls of the tomb and reassemble the staff before its too late?

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