Escape game Groove Room Disco

Company: Captured Escape Rooms

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5.0 / 5

1 review


1684 Barrington Street, Suite 400, Halifax, Nova Scotia ()


4th floor of the St. Paul's Building

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Spinning mirror balls, platform shoes and boogie nights. The once hopping Groove Room Disco on Barrington St, which has set empty over the years is now reopening and you're keen on reliving the past.

Picking up the morning paper you read about the pending release of Duggar Diamond, one of the great jewel thieves of the 70s, who coincidentally was arrested at the Groove Room!

After researching the story, you learn that Duggar was a regular at the Groove Room and interestingly enough it’s across the street from the former jewelry store. What if the missing jewels are at the disco? You gather some of your most trusted friends and pledge to find them before he gets out or to die trying.

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