Escape game Panic at the Pumphouse

Company: Improbable Escapes


303 Bagot St Kingston, ON K7L 5J9 ()


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A great fire destroyed downtown Kingston in 1840, and now it’s about to happen again.

An arsonist is on the loose! They’ve sabotaged Kingston’s water supply and now they could strike the city at any moment! Local legend says that in 1840 the citizens of Kingston vowed never to let a fire sweep the town again. If the stories are true, they hid a series of clues in the old PumpHouse: if you can decipher them you might have a chance to FIND THE LOCATION OF A HIDDEN WATER SUPPLY, turn the water back on and put a stop to the arsonist’s plan.

Gather your smartest and your bravest, because you’re all that stands between the Limestone City and a disaster of historic proportions. You and your team of firefighters must solve the puzzles of the past, learn where to turn the PumpHouse back on, and save the city of Kingston.


Walk-ins only. Located at the PumpHouse Steam Museum. There are no pre-bookings for this game.

Not a traditional escape room game: This game takes you throughout the entire museum!

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