Escape game Butcher's Basement

Company: Roundabout

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

2 reviews




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Your best friend has been kidnapped. Desperate to find him, you follow clues he has left behind which leads you to a butcher shop. You invite yourself in from a little crack in the door and it slams right behind you. You take a step back when some clothes fall by your feet. You make an attempt to recall what your friend was wearing. The clothes are torn and little stains of crimson seep through. Frightened, you run for a door across the room but the glare from five butcher knives greet you—more blood. You reach down for your cellphone but you are distracted by a trail of some kind of liquid you’ve been making since you entered the butcher shop. The air smells raw. Although you’re shaken up the eerie atmosphere, you are determined to find your friend so you move around a few things to get some more information. It’s a mousetrap! The serial killer will be back home shortly so you need to escape immediately. Use the clues of past victims to try and free yourself. You must be warned though; all previous escape attempts have never been successful. Good luck!