Escape game Blind Awareness

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1638 10 Ave SW Calgary, AB T3C 0J5 ()


Next to the Sunalta CTrain Station

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Is it possible to describe a color to a blind person? In fact, it is:

RED: You stand outside in the sun. The heat you fell is red. Red is the color of a burn, it also expresses embarrassment or anger.
BLUE: Your hands are in the pool. The way you feel while swimming, the omnipresent coolness of water is blue. It feels like relaxation.
GREEN: Touch soft leaves and wet grass. Green is the color of life.

We don't appreciate how great it is to see. We take this sense for granted and don't realize what it feels like to lose it.
Nearly 1,5 million Canadians live with sight loss. Even more (5,6 million) are under threat of sight loss as a result of eye desease.
Escape 60 are about catering memorable experiences and want to cater experiences available and impressive for those who are visually impaired.
Escape rooms don't usually accommodate such players, while this escape room is meant to be inclusive to all.
Blind Awareness is played entirely in the dark - without any flashlights or guides. This will let the average person step into the shoes of the visually impaired and also provide an opportunity for those who are visually impaired to share an escape room experience.

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