Escape game Lockdown

Company: Improbable Escapes

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

3 reviews


303 Bagot St Kingston, ON K7L 5J9 ()


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Remember your first crush? How you desperately wanted them to know you? You’ve decided that you will be brave and write a note to your crush. After slipping the note into their locker, you realize this was a terrible mistake. With the help from your best friends, you try to break into the locker, but you get caught. To detention you go! Will you be able to get the note out of the locker before your crush finds it?


Teams of 8 or more will play the game competition style - larger team will be split into 2 smaller teams (ideally even number on each team) and the escape room will be turned into 2 smaller games. Each team enters their respective game for 30 minutes of play time. When 30 minutes is up, a quick reset will happen in the game and then the teams will switch to the other half, for another 30 minutes! Fastest overall escape from both halves, WINS!

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