Escape game Antique Museum

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As the curator of the museum for the past decade, you have seen millions of artifacts come through. For you, they all look more or less the same and not interesting at all. You are bringing in yet another piece today, but the package is a bit absurd. There are chains around the box and warning signs all over it. You pay no attention to the labels, and you pull out a dusty and worn out porcelain doll. You place it along with all the other antique dolls, and their eyes just glisten.
You are all worn out from a day’s work, but just when you were about to call it a day, you hear a voice humming a familiar tune. At first you think it’s the security guard, but you realize that he is on vacation. You decide to roam around, and something is pushing you towards the doll. You look around, and you are certain that the voice is coming from that dusty old doll. You stare right into its eyes and you become slightly paralyzed. You are using all your strength to run away, but your legs are giving out on you.

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