Escape game Himalayan Cavern

Company: EXIT Canada


105-20121 Willowbrook Dr Langley City, BC V3A 5E6 ()


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A fresh mountain breeze rushes to greet you outside the helicopter. You and your team have travelled to the middle of the Himalayan mountains to the exact location where the 1028 set of time clusters are located. After a quick mission briefing, the bright blue portal opens and your team steps through.

The new landscape looks familiar, yet different. Trees are less sparse, mountains are slightly less worn down… but overall, you can barely tell that this is over 2000 years in the past. One major difference you immediately notice, however, is that the cliff face you landed near now contains a fairly large cave entrance – from which your time portal energy signature is radiating. Rubbing your hands together for warmth, you trek out with your team into the darkness.

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