Escape game Temporal Pursuit - Chase Through Time

Company: EXIT Canada


105-20121 Willowbrook Dr Langley City, BC V3A 5E6 ()


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The helicopter hovers over the rough location where the time cluster in England was detected; the ground below is thick with trees and other foliage. You rappel down from the helicopter with the rest of your team and land on the vibrant forest floor.

This time cluster you are investigating is actually the most recent set opened. In fact, you up until a few hours ago, scientists could trace the opening of these portals one by one. Since finding the location where those portals are opened at would take too much time, your team must start from the beginning: England in the year 1512. You turn the dial on your experimental time machine and with a push of a button, a blue portal opens up in front of you. After radioing in the start of your mission to HQ, you step through the light into the same forest, except much darker.

When the last of your team steps through, the portal’s humming ceases and you finally realize why the forest seems so eerie to you: it’s completely silent.

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