Escape game Laboratory Escape

Company: EXIT Canada


105-20121 Willowbrook Dr Langley City, BC V3A 5E6 ()


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The most recent time cluster, around 2020, is the one you are most nervous about. After all, it is the cluster with the highest density of time jump and if he has access to time travel technology, his original time period must be the one furthest in the future right?

This time cluster could very well be where you come face to face with our time terrorist. You and your team travel to the center of the wasteland with the experimental time machine. With a push of a button, a large blue portal hums open in front of you. Stepping through, the flat, brown dirt underneath your feet turns into asphalt, buildings miraculously appear before your eyes and the faint smell of gasoline permeates into your nostril.

You are standing in the middle of a small back alley in downtown old Langley. After the last person steps out of the portal and the hum of the portal ceases, you set out towards the source of the energy signature detected by your time machine.

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