Escape game A Dark and Stormy Heist

Company: EXIT Canada


9111 Beckwith Rd Richmond, BC V6X 1V7 ()

604-999 9975

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You grew up doing what you had to – being along on the street teaches you to have sticky fingers after all. Taking what you need and leaving without a trace has become second nature for you. It’s a life that no one wants to lead and if you survive – you’d want to put it behind you.
You were one of the lucky ones. You found love, settled down and started a family. Life was good… until your past catches up to you.
A rich kid that used to bully you has become a shady merchant working with the mafia. He accuses your son of possessing gems in one of his shops. You know for a fact that he planted it on him, but you have no concrete evidence.
With your son’s trial happening tomorrow, you have no choice but to dust off your thieving gear and pull off one last heist to the merchant’s mansion to find your evidence.

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