Escape game Tomb of the Emperor

Company: EXIT Canada


9111 Beckwith Rd Richmond, BC V6X 1V7 ()

604-999 9975

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Long ago, there was a wise emperor in China that was said to have created an elixir of immortality and brought prosperity to the land for over a thousand years by keeping the wisest and kindest souls alive.

However one day, he disappeared and with him, the secret of immortality disappeared as well. The event baffled historians around the world and no one could figure out why it happened.

That is until a few days ago, a fisherman off the coast of Japan fished up an odd chest. Inside were two seals with Chinese characters on it and a journal. Hearing this tidbit, you and your team of intrepid explorers decided to investigate.

Upon arriving at the fisherman, however, you found him dying and the journal has taken. It seems that you are not the only one searching for this. You walk up to grab the remaining seal when the fisherman sputters awake. With his dying breath, he hands you a map he copied from the journal.

Now, with the seal in hand, you head to the location marked to find a tiny stone door build into a mountain.

You head inside.

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