Escape game Master of Elements

Company: EXIT Canada


9111 Beckwith Rd Richmond, BC V6X 1V7 ()

604-999 9975

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A sudden strong gust of wind started sweeping the lands. As each day passes, the wind becomes suffocatingly stronger. The land, known as the air nation, had explained that only once every century a strong elemental force can be seen and felt. An enigma that cycles through the 4 nations. Only a few have seen what truly lies at the epicentre of such overwhelming force, but some say it is a great one that is destined to learn and master the four elements across the four nations; Air, Earth, Water, and Fire.

A tyrant stands tall amongst the four nations. The Fire Lord, Iazo of the Fire Nation, is quickly informed of the situation. In retaliation against the passage of the four seasons and preserving the dominance of the Fire Nation, Fire Lord Iazo started conquering the other nations for land and power.

Uncover the mysteries that surround the master of elements. Learn the art behind each mastery. No one really knows who or what they are but who knows? You might end up as one.

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