Escape game The Initiation

Company: EXIT Canada


9111 Beckwith Rd Richmond, BC V6X 1V7 ()

604-999 9975

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*Ding Dong*

The sudden noise spooks the room. You all look at each other confused – everyone is present and accounted for, so who’s at the door?

You turn the handle and peek out, scanning left and right. Not a soul was in sight but placed neatly on the doorstep was a briefcase and a letter addressed to you.

Taking the package inside, you open and read aloud the letter:

“Congratulations! Our information network has identified you as a potential candidate to join the EXIT family! The mandatory interview process has already begun. You have 1 hour to disarm the device we delivered to you or it will explode, killing everyone in a 5 mile radius. Of course, we do believe you will pass the test with flying colors, so please don’t panic – panicking adds variables into our data, which means more work for me. Good luck!”

As soon as you finished reading aloud to your group, the suitcase starts emitting the all too familiar sound of a clock ticking down…

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