Escape game Cave of Wonders

Company: EXIT Canada


9111 Beckwith Rd Richmond, BC V6X 1V7 ()

604-999 9975

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Legend says that there’s a cave of wonders that only the worthy can enter, filled to the brim with treasure and magical goods. However, one thing that the legend never mentioned was who it was that stockpiled such treasure? One day, you and your friends in Agrabah found out the truth.

While passing by the market, you noticed a relatively small, skittish merchant drop a small chunk of gold, quickly pick it up and duck into a small alleyway. You all decide to follow him as he ducks into another smaller alleyway, and then another. Now sitting in an alleyway you don’t recognize at all, he disappeared into what seems to be a dead end.

Will you be able to find your way into the cave of wonders and obtain the legendary magic lamp? Or will you succumb to your greed and be consumed by the sands?

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