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The government is corrupt. “You are free” is what we’ve been told and we believe every word they tell us. Look at these people, mindless. No one’s condemning anything. They’re lined up like lemmings being led to the water. The world is filled with filth and lies… Why can’t they see what I see, why can’t they hear the lies? It’s infuriating. If no one else is going to unmask this filth, perhaps I will. Wrong. The government knows our every move. I am immediately arrested for conspiracy and treason. The court sentences me not to death or prison but rather to military service. Clearly in this day and age, there’s no way the military would even consider accepting a criminal into service, yet they did. Serving in the military irritates me. Why must I serve them when what I seek is to overthrow them? I am pleasantly surprised to find that it is all a ruse. I have been sent to what seems to be an abandoned military base, probably for me to rot away without having to spend any government funds on keeping me in prison or ordering a death sentence. Now all I have to do is escape. They’ve made their move. Now I make mine.